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After a fast and furious winter of writing, revising, and editing — my upcoming book “The Little Book of Wedding Checklists” is officially here on Amazon US or Amazon Canada and arrived July 7, 2020! While the world as we know it continues to shift rapidly right before our eyes, this book is a reminder for me that there exists much light alongside turmoil and change.

The Little Book of Wedding Checklists by Elizabeth McKellar

What started out as a surprise project has grown into not just this book, but an upcoming podcast, and digital resource for engaged couples and more — it’s like the age old adage of “when you’re not out looking for [whatever “it” is], it finds you!” and this couldn’t be more true.

I’ve been working with Callisto Media on the project, and they bring their expertise and heavy hitting experience with data magic to ensure that what we’re putting together is *exactly* what couples planning their weddings (you!) are looking for.

Some of the most important notes are the following:

1. GENDER NEUTRAL. We’re officially in an era where the pink, floral and brides-only emphasis on anything wedding feels outdated and frankly, missing the boat. So many couples have such a range of experiences that it’s a no brainer to ensure that they’re represented and included. From the cover design, to how we present different attire for each person, and especially the language, and more, we consciously edited this book with as much gender neutrality as we could.

2. POCKET SIZED. Look, there are plenty of wedding binders out there. This book is meant to be a pint-sized resource that you can throw easily in your purse, backback, read on the subway or pull out without needing an entire table to work with. Less is more in our case, and it still has plenty of room for notes.

3. FLEXIBILITY. I repeated over and over again that we covered a lot of the biggest points, but that everything was truly open to your own perspective. If something didn’t apply to your wedding plans, skip it. If there were floral options listed that you didn’t want to do? Cross them out. This book is meant as a simple guide to get you started, and one you can customize to your needs.

4. 2020 WORTHY CONTENT. Hotel room blocks? Friend officiant? Wedding websites and digital invitations? There are so many topics that while they’re common to read on the internet, most wedding planning books are written in 2012-ish and earlier, and your needs today versus weddings then have most definitely evolved.

5. STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH. There’s details that come from experience, and I will say that I think Point #1 above is something that is near and dear to my heart, but this part sealed the deal: I was writing out the questions to ask a caterer and they went deeeeeeep. So deep that a quick internet search made me realize how important it is that these questions, and information is shared to you, and a much broader audience. The questions I include are literally the same that I use for our clients, and these will allow you to avoid some major pitfalls that, as an expert, I know how and where to ask about. I personally think this is huge — from hair appointment timing, to day-of timeline hacks, to late night delivery fees, I shared as many expert questions and notes as I could. Let’s keep you stress free and eating as much cake or menu tasting as we can!

As a purchase for yourself, or as a gift (it’s $8.99 USD and that plus a card + some bubbly and you’re set!) OR for the wedding industry — this is an easy affordable option to welcome to your clients into the fold. Any other uses I didn’t think of?

FINALLY — tune in next week as I announce the information for our PRE-SALE GIVEAWAY! (I mean, I decided that if I’m going to be doing this, I want to give as much stuff that I personally love away and make it a party in the meantime).

GIVING BACK: I also want to note that I’m donating all Amazon proceeds of the book to:
1. The Conscious Kid’s Anti-Racist Children’s Book Education Fund (getting race, racism, and resistance books into children’s classroom across the USA)
2. The Loveland Foundation (an organization founded by Rachel Cargle that brings healing through therapty to communities of color, and especially for Black women and girls)

These donations are not limited to a timeframe, but will continue in perpetuity, or until the Black communities of the USA and the world enjoy the same rights and respect as the rest of us.

Happy Juneteenth here in America today! May this book contribute, even in a tiny way, to this celebrating and lifting up the Black American community.


The Little Book of Weddng Checklists: An Expert Guide to Planning Your Wedding

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