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You don’t just need a wedding planner who can make checklists and manage your budget—you need a creative expert whose insight elevates and enhances your vision. Someone who not only understands your wildest dreams but pursues them relentlessly. Let’s dig up, discover, and dream big—together.

Run-of-the-mill event planning isn’t exactly the lane we stay in. Here, it’s "top down and wind in our hair" as we focus on creating a collection of cohesive experiences that are rooted in artful storytelling. With industry-leading creatives and high-caliber vendors on speed dial, we’re here to bring any idea—anywhere—to life with expertise and intention. 


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I'm elizabeth

A big dreamer with a mind that’s most at home in that space between imagining the impossible, and asking “How can we make it happen?”—becoming an architect was a natural path for me.

It gave me both the technical training needed to bring complex ideas to life and the always-ten-steps-ahead mindset that never stops anticipating things that might go wrong along the way. 

But it wasn’t until I found myself planning my classmates’ weddings that I realized there was major overlap between the art of events and the art of architecture—and that my heart was happiest when helping couples celebrate their love as the foundation for their future.

I’m so glad you found me.

Here to help you toe the line between undeniably bold and absolutely timeless.

I went on to found The Nouveau Romantics in 2010 as a small shop that originally handled event design, florals, and stationery—but soon found myself planning a 500-person wedding on Lance Armstrong’s old ranch, complete with an after party in the field where Willie Nelson used to host festivals. No pressure, right? 

I immediately realized that full-scale planning and production was my jam—and that I longed to work with adventurous couples who were game to reconsider cultural and familial traditions, and bring fresh energy to classic ideas. 

If I had to sum up my role as a destination wedding planner, I’d say it’s my job to create a moment of your life that impacts it forever. (Again, no pressure.)

A taco aficionado, few and far between are the times when I’m not actively researching my next meal.


As a Canadian and middle child, I’m a master at smoothing out disagreements and managing family dynamics.



I planned an event at Martha Stewart’s home. She made me a latte. I will never get over that.



I can freehand sketch like you’d never believe. Your vision—my cocktail napkin. Let’s go.




Author of “The Little Book of Wedding Checklists”—a pint-sized, gender-neutral gem to help you avoid pitfalls while planning.



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“I needed a team behind me who had experience with ‘build from scratch’ weddings and who were able to understand my vision of an equestrian-inspired enchanted garden party.

 I truly would not have been able to pull this wedding off without the help of Elizabeth and her team at The Nouveau Romantics.

The investment was worth every single penny. They were able to pull the images seemingly out of my head and turn them into reality.”

We’re here to nurture and enhance the vision that’s running wild in that imagination of yours. If you’re ready for a team that doesn’t just project-manage—but digs deep and truly discovers, you should probably start scoping our services.


Countryside ceremonies, rooftop revelry, Moroccan magic—explore and delight in all of the eye candy you’re hungry for, right this way.

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