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Harper’s Baazar Top Wedding Planners in the World



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Harper's Baazar "Best Wedding Planners in the World" List 2018

Recently Harper’s Baazar released their Little Black Book of 39 “Best Planners in the World” list. I almost skipped right over it, with to-do lists and client meetings in Texas to attend to. It’s a perfect metaphor for the speed in which life rolls right along, and yet, something called me to stop and take it in.

It has less to do with the list, and more to do with the moment I realized where I am – in this world, this work, with clients, and surrounded by such a selflessly giving group of entrepreneurs. Woah. Wow.

These words merely scratch the surface:

This list represents colleagues and friends, with many as those that have paved the way to allow me to stand where I am today, and to whom I respect tremendously. Each of these companies creativity, commitment to their clients and their craft, and HEART in the pursuit of excellence make this time in the events industry a phenomenal place to be. ⠀

The reality of our day to day is a tireless devotion to our clients, our craft, our creativity, and just putting in the work to create beauty and magic so that we witness the smiles and joy on the faces we serve. These moments, for me, are a reminder, to poke my head out of my cave for a moment and look around. This list is just a list, but it’s a nod to the tribe, and the much larger community that I’m a part of. That part makes my heart swell.

So to those that are on the list, and have been at the front of conferences imparting wisdom with humor and grace, to those that quietly create magic and pop up when the work needs to be done, to those that inspire me with their longevity, constant evolution in business and innovation in design – I tip my hat and honor the work that you do.

To every other event planner and designer: the work you do creates the community in which we all thrive, elevate and expand. We do not create in a vacuum, and I believe deeply that what we create collectively in the world requires each of us to do our best work, time and time again. Your best work surprises and overjoys your clients. Your best work allows me to elevate. Your best work is what raises the collective community.

Thank you. Deeply.

To our clients, and all of the couples out there: thank you for trusting us. Thank you for believing in our ability to see and understand you, to create magic on behalf of you, for allowing us to be a part of your family narrative during this period, and generations to come. It’s something that’s hard to put into words, but it’s an honor that rings deeply in me, and all of us when we are granted that access. To witness the tenderness that is present in your families, in whatever capacity, lights us up. Lights me up. [I still tear up at first dances, speeches, and when the *anyone* walks down the aisle!] It’s such a privilege to bear witness to the love that connects each family we work with: it’s inspiring, uplifting, and the heart of this work.

So thank you to our clients, to the big, beautiful events industry, and to all the moments that make this journey up. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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