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The Nouveau Romantics Opening NYC Office

This is quite literally some of the most exciting news to develop in the evolution of The Nouveau Romantics: we’re opening up an NYC office starting this summer! While we announced this a couple of weeks ago via Facebook and Instagram, I figured it was high time that we gave you all of the details.

The Back Story.
An opportunity within the McKellar-Lewis household has become the catalyst to expand The Nouveau Romantics range of services to northeast, with a presence in the NYC area. Since moving to Austin in 2010, I’ve stayed an unabashed and vocal fan of New York, and the opportunity to live and work part of the month/year in a city that continually inspires and amazes me was too good to pass up. It’s a very complimentary combination, as we’ve come to realize…

Travel Details.
We’ll be splitting our time between New York and Austin, with Austin remaining our headquarters, along with the dogs, and the majority of our closets. Hannah and I will be traveling north as necessary, with I’ll be logging most of the airport quality time as I spend part of every month up there.

We’re looking for a studio space as speak, and while that may take some time, we’re still reachable on our existing number [512.981.7302] we’re also available on a local number [646.202.0710] and happy to meet up anywhere convenient! We’ll keep you posted on the studio.

We will be based in New York City, but as a resident, I know that it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to Long Island, Upstate, Connecticut, the Cape, or Rhode Island. That being said, we’re always up to travel around the tri-state area for venue scouting, vendor meetings, etc. We know that our outdoors-based portfolio would fit right at home at some of those gorgeous outdoor venues all along the East Coast!

We will still operate as our “one-stop-shop” mentality, which means we will offer full event planning and design, along with stationary design. Only one small change — we realized that the incredible New York and Brooklyn florists would be perfect alternative to providing them in house. It makes little [financial, logistical] sense to continue to offer this when there are so many local florists that are right in line with our style, not to mention – and here’s the kicker – it means we get to collaborate with our incredibly talented friends, and colleagues. Truly, I am so very excited about this! I believe that more minds are better than one, and that goes with floral hands. We’ve adjusted our rates to accommodate this.

Have you ever been to Texas, starting that first weekend in May? It gets hot.[To say the least. It’s sticky. Sweaty.] While this could apply to August across the country, our southern wedding season operates heavily from February through beginning of May, October through December. I’ve almost forgotten that the rest of the country is really busy from May through September — which is the perfect combination for us, right? That’s the thinking: we could compliment our slow summer season with some northern events, and it’s a win for everyone!

Also, our presence in New York will allow the large number of clients that live and work up there a monthly opportunity for in-person meetings, which is always helpful for everyone involved. [We get a lot of East Coast clientele – Austin is a booming destination wedding location!]

To help get things moving, we’re offering some pretty fantastic discounts for the first five couples to book us. Talk to us! You might be pleasantly surprised.

[Also: I’m in town next week, May 21 through the weekend if you want to meet and/or pick our brain. I’ll bring some Texas sunshine along with me, I promise!]

Image of the Financial District and WTC site by The Nouveau Romantics, shot from our friend’s insanely apartment view. Please credit accordingly.




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