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Walking up the driveway to the Biltmore Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, California, the bride quietly whispered "Oh wow". 

It was exactly the remark we'd been waiting for during our diligent search all over Southern California for the venue with the perfect mix of "get away from it all" destination, that had a mix of outdoors and lush greenery, and for these two architects—an architectural soul that resonated with them.

The Biltmore had that "je ne sais quoi" that we'd been waiting for. As soon as we found it, we dove into dreaming up how we would transform the ballroom into a mix of modern metallics, lush tropical (yet minimal) florals, and a mix of Japanese Wabi Sabi sensibility that these two naturally gravitated towards. With the right vendors on board, their guests descended from across the globe to light up the night for a weekend of celebrating that was the one for the ages.

gabby & alex


Summer Wedding in Santa Barbara

Florals - Studio Mondine
Rentals - Casa de Perrin, Edge Design
Draping + Lighting - Bella Vista

Planning + Design - The Nouveau Romantics
Photography - Jose Villa
Videography - For the Love of It

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