Easy on the Eyes

Outtakes // The Nouveau Romantics

After dropping off extra flowers to the lovely Jennifer Nichols along with some well-received Sugar Mama’s cupcakes [I am anything but a responsible adult around such things], her husband CJ and her took some killer pictures of the arrangement I sent her way. This little thing sure is easy on the eyes, eh?

Easy on the Eyes // The Nouveau Romantics

Now I thought that I was doing an alright job at the photography but boy, they just get it. I have much to learn from those two …

Cupcakes + Roses / Sources

Right, I promised this. All sources and details are like so:

Table linen / Mod Green Pod Aspire in charcoal
Wood Platter / Dansk via Goodwill
Ribbed Cake Plate / Rosanna Inc via Gilt Group
Milk Glass Cake Plate / Homegoods
Glass Bowl / Homegoods
Wood Cheeseboard / Herriott Grace
White Ceramic Pitcher / Pottery Barn
Glass Jar / Hobby Lobby [holding flowers and sign]
Silver Ceramic Vase /  Pottery Barn
Glass Cloche / Pottery Barn
Cupcake liners / Bake It Pretty

Most importantly, however, were the cupcakes. Lemon [my diehard fav] and a seasonal peppermint chocolate — a very close second.
Cupcakes / Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop in Austin, TX.

Coming up – some outtakes, pro photos, plus some deliveries and a baby shower that manages to unite red BBQ cowboy with lavender and girly and they all ride off into the sunset holding hands. A little unexpected, but quite … refreshing. Stay tuned!


Mondays. A little tough to push through, and I’m still adjusting to a new schedule and a slew of new weekly demands. In this spirit, I’m looking forward to the bright spots of the day, to the things I’m looking forward to in the next couple of months. Somehow I’ve grown to become a ‘glass half-full’ person, and I find it easier to find the good things to help motivate me. I’m not sure how this happened …

1. I’m neck deep in getting some professional business cards done (letterpress! patterns! 220# lettra crane. delish.) and these stopped me in my tracks. I still contemplate creating a line of blind embossed cards and what not – I’m a total texture fiend and the paper they used for this is so incredible. [by Studio on Fire's blog Beast Pieces.]