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Engage!20 Dubai : Top 3 Takeaways for Engaged Couples & Entrepreneurs

Engage!20 Dubai : 3 Take Aways for Engaged Couples & Entrepreneurs



NOTE: I know that it can feel implausible or impossible to do anything but focus on the reality that is unfolding in front of us across the world right now, but I also know that through 9/11, 2008, hurricane after hurricane and so many other natural disasters, is that IN the face of a crisis, […]

Harper's Baazar "Best Wedding Planners in the World" List 2018

Harper’s Baazar Top Wedding Planners in the World



Recently Harper’s Baazar released their Little Black Book of 39 “Best Planners in the World” list. I almost skipped right over it, with to-do lists and client meetings in Texas to attend to. It’s a perfect metaphor for the speed in which life rolls right along, and yet, something called me to stop and take […]

Modern White City Wedding Inspiration by Design and Wedding Planning Experts The Nouveau Romantics

Modern City Wedding Inspiration | Dualities + Dreamscapes


Creative Process

Inspiration comes to me in flashes, while I’m driving or otherwise minding my own business – and the beginnings of this architecturally-inspired modern city wedding inspiration was no different. [LA driving is very conducive to conference calls and creative flashes, FYI.] I’ve been thinking a lot about my beginnings in the architecture world – what […]

Modern Art Wedding Inspiration by The Nouveau Romantics

Spring California Wedding Inspiration | Modern Art Wedding


Creative Process

When I first met Molly, an architect, we both arrived wearing variations of a white shirt, black pants – which told me that we’d collaborate really well, and our conversations quickly turned from away from pinterest and wedding boards, and towards her and her fiancé’s favorite architects, films, and artists. It was exciting to turn […]

Instyle Magazine // Top 11 Wedding Planning Questions from The Nouveau Romantics

InStyle Magazine // The Nouveau Romantics Feature



In the April issue of InSyle Magazine on newsstands right now, The Nouveau Romantics are featured alongside some talented creatives as part of their “Dream Team” — and we’re answering some big wedding planning questions on trends, priorities, and what we’d give as hostess gifts along the way! It was really wonderful to work behind the scenes with the editorial […]

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